Light Nodes

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Light nodes, also known as thin clients, are a type of node in the blockchain network that does not store the entire blockchain. Instead, they only keep a copy of the necessary information needed to verify transactions and interact with the network.

Unlike full nodes, which require significant computational resources and storage space, light nodes can operate on low-end devices such as smartphones and tablets. They communicate with full nodes to access the required information on demand, which allows them to consume less storage and network resources.

However, this comes at the cost of reduced security, as light nodes rely on full nodes to provide accurate and reliable information. If the full node providing information to the light node is compromised or malicious, it could potentially provide incorrect or fraudulent information to the light node.

Despite this, light nodes are popular among users who want to interact with the blockchain network on mobile devices or with limited resources. They also contribute to the decentralization of the network by allowing more users to participate in the network without requiring them to run a full node.